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The people that inspire me professionally are so important to my success. They absolutely are motivating by being SO good at what they do, that they set a standard that I really want to resemble. More importantly to me, is that they have demonstrated  they are the absolute best in their fields, and that they are humble, passionate, non-judgemental, feeling, and very caring humans. They are in full support of those that they train and teach. Their actions are in complete alignment with their words.

They are non-judgemental and you'd never hear them criticize another. They consistently make themselves and the practice they represent BETTER and MORE MEANINGFUL every day. They are continually  growing , learning, and sharing. We ALL could really benefit from having  this level of professional in our view.  I feel VERY lucky to have these amazing and steadfast people within my reach.  I welcome you to also join them at their sites I have linked them to below :)

No man is an island, and we ALL need people to help us learn and grow.


Tanya Beardsley

An amazing, spiritual, inspirational artist, Tanya is an International fitness and dance  star and life coach who welcomes everyone to join her at Conscious Conversation!

Alfredo Jay a.jpg

Alfredo Jay

Jay has become my "go to" person for everything Dance Fitness related, and has become a friend of my soul! Join his page to see the biggest smile and the smartest  and MOST FUN choreography!


Char Willingham

Char is the sweetest , most talented and grounded Yogi and NirvanaFitness(r) Instructor, and I am so blessed to have her as my friend and my Nirvana Leader! Visit her Yoga page Nirvana page !

The Master of All Inspiration; Author, Steven Pressfield

"If you're overwhelmed with dread, that's a good sign. The real artist is always terrified.
The fake artist is wildly self-confident. Remember, Resistance always comes second. The dream comes first. The more Resistance you're feeling, the bigger the dream in your heart.

So if you've found your way to this site ...... if your aim is to learn more about the self-generated demons that are frustrating your growth as an artist ...... you've come to the right place."  Steven Pressfield

I will never forget reading the first pages of Pressfield's "War of Art"

for the first time (there have been so many more!).

I felt like he personally knew my story;

Was he psychic?

He pretty much is when it comes to

knowing how to get us breaking through our own boundaries

and self-limitations!

Now authoring a series of books

bringing us further along and launching us into

our own professional dream-world.

No excuses. Read the Books. Do the Work!


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