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Proud Mizuno Affiliate

Eric Pritchett

My Mizuno Prophecy Waves make me feel supported and pain free! I was able to jog pain free for the first time in several years with them. Huge difference in my being able to move freely !


Tina Austin

I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis for many years and have simply learned to live with the pain.  When I first heard of the Mizuno’s Prophecy 7s, I thought “No way, a running sneaker that can help better support my feet and eliminate pain!  Best sneaker purchase ever!  I can now, move, jump, jog, or go for long walks wearing my Mizuno’s and I have NO PAIN whatsoever.

Carol Massa

kel (2).JPG

Kelley Brophy

Mizuno Prophecy Running Shoes CHANGED MY GIG! They offer SO much support for my feet and ankles I am moving like I did 15 years ago! They allowed for healing of injuries and active movement on varied surfaces. Life changing purchase for sure!

I loved my physical activities so much that I decided to become a professional fitness instructor,  and as I did, my activities became higher impact, less predictable, more frequent and took place under varied environments.  I felt the negative effects of this almost immediately, suffering with painful knees and  broken foot bones that prevented me from continuing as rigorously until I healed.  I wore "very good athletic shoes"; high end, & expensive., so I never in a million years thought my shoes could have been part of the cause of and/or PREVENTED my injuries. LUCKILY,  my regular online sneaker supplier was out of my brand so I looked for another shoe, and a brand name came up that I had never heard of before this. That name was "Mizuno". Because they came up in a search that I had done seeking supportive athletic shoes comparable to my old ones, I thought I would give them a try. They arrived two days later, and the moment I put them on, I felt relief. My entire foot was supported, and the soles were solid and not flimsy or "flexible". The sole was also wider than the foot-bed offering more stability. The uppers have a mesh overlay that allows for better ventilation. As I took my first few steps in them, I felt like I was 20 years younger, and had this fluent cadence in my gait as opposed to walking on eggshells trying to prevent pain. It wasn't until then that my healing began, and mu smarts kicked in. If my feet aren't fully supported and stable, then nothing above it will be. Since that time, 10 years ago, I have been a loyal buyer of Mizuno sneakers and in particular, the Prophecy Waves. I began suggesting the shoes (as well as a call to their physician to begin any needed medical treatment) to my clients who mentioned ankle pain, foot pain, imbalance, calf strains, and knee pain.  Every single client that I have referred to purchase these shoes has been extremely satisfied with them, and also quite shocked by the difference they feel. It is a normal conversation in our sessions for people to mention their Mizunos and it becomes a full out discussion with others trying them on. This was when I decided to become an affiliate, realizing that PREVENTION IS KEY and getting into the shoes BEFORE an injury is optimal. Being an affiliate with my client base,  you will be able to order your sneakers from a link that I provide you, and over time we will get coupons for every one of us to use. These shoes are very expensive and are an INVESTMENT in your health and safety, and there is nothing more costly than being hurt or having pain; nor do we ever want to NOT do the fitness activities that we so love that keep us fit, happy and healthy. I will earn 8% on every pair of shoes sold (about $16), but for that $16,  I guarantee you authentic Mizuno athletic shoes, their full warranty, free return on eligible returns, any and all coupons and discounts that the company prescribes for our group, , and  even a potential buyer for your old Mizunos.

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