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Functional Forever is a goal as well as a name. Working to maintain or regain the ability to do the things we love is the major focus of my company, and enjoying the time we spend together is next in line. Our time together will leave you feeling stronger, healthier and happier to allow you to do the things in life that you LOVE. 

With several years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, my passion to work with those wanting to retain, maintain, improve, and challenge their skill sets as they become stronger, develop better balance, become more agile, and more powerful has become my top priority.

Using dance fitness, music, strength training, brain challenges, balance enhancing techniques, meditation, Tai Chi and Power walks, my goal is to get you started and/or help you continue doing what YOU want to do with your life.

And it all starts with you, stays with you, and remains about YOU.


Functional Forever